causes of acne on the scalp and hairline Complete with how to take care of it

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causes of acne on the scalp and hairline Complete with how to take care of it.

One of the areas where acne appears and can make you feel quite irritated is probably the hairline and scalp area. Today we have gathered together 5 causes of acne on the scalp and hairline along with ways to treat acne in those areas to share with you ladies. I took it and followed along. Let’s see what each cause is โปรโมชั่น ufabet

1. Wearing
makeup . Wearing makeup can cause the accumulation of oil in the hairline area. Especially using products that help conceal. Or using foundation and leaving it overnight without washing off. Or even not wiping off makeup properly can cause clogged pores and cause acne.

2. Use hair products
Hair products Whether it’s hair spray, oil, mousse, or gel, they all contribute to excess oil. And it can cause blockages in the hairline and scalp area as well. Therefore, girls must choose hair products that are appropriate for their own hair condition.

3. Using a hat or headgear.
Using a hat, helmet, headband, headdress, or headgear. It also contributes to acne on the scalp and hairline. This is because these headgear can trap sweat and oil in the hair. As well as causing the accumulation of sweat and oil. Which is the cause of acne in the hairline and on the scalp.

4. Maintaining cleanliness:
Ladies, you must remember that oil and dead skin Especially oil and dead skin in areas with fur or hair. There is a chance of clogging and causing acne. The solution is to pay attention to maintaining good cleanliness. Especially washing your hair and washing your face thoroughly. Also, you must wash your hair and face thoroughly. It’s best not to leave any stains.

5. Hormone changes
hormonal changes It can also contribute to acne on the scalp and hairline. Especially among teenagers and working people. This is the age when the body’s oil production increases. In addition, the hormonal changes It also contributes to acne occurring in other parts. of the body as well

How to treat acne on the hairline and on the scalp

As for how to treat acne along the hairline and on the scalp, girls can do the following:

1. Avoid touching acne as much as possible.

2. Avoid wearing hats or tight headgear. Because it will cause irritation.

3. Clean the skin in the acne area well. You should wipe thoroughly clean before going to bed.

4. Refrain from using skin care products that cause blockage.

5. Use a gentle acne medicine.

For girls who have acne problems along their hairline or on their scalp. Let’s try to notice the causes of acne in these areas so that girls can avoid them so that acne doesn’t occur in those areas. or to prevent existing acne from becoming worse than before