5 taboos that girls should not do after eating full food immediately

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5 taboos that girls should not do after eating full food immediately

Girls, have you ever wondered if After eating a new meal or eat until full. Are there any prohibitions that should not done. Because it may affect health or not? Today we have gathered 6 taboos that women should not do after a full meal immediately to let them know. In order to at least help prevent your body from being affecte and risking various diseases. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

1.No smoking
Of course, smoking is a behavior that inevitably negatively affects your health. But if you are a former smoker After eating a full meal, do not smoke immediately. Because smoking after increases the risk of emphysema, cancer, and also stimulates inflammation in the body more than choosing to smoke at other times. Therefore, it is recommende that you do not smoke immediately after eating.

2. Do not take a bath
if the girls want to take a bath. At least there must be a distance of about 30-60 minutes after eating a meal because after eating a meal. The body has to digest food and needs a lot of energy to digest, especially if girls take a shower immediately after eating. This will result in dividing blood vessels that should flow to the stomach to the skin as well.

3. Do not drink tea and coffee
because tea and coffee drinks are acidic. Therefore, it is not recommende to drink immediately. After eating. Because after eating, the body secretes acid in the stomach to help digest food. If women drink tea and coffee. Which are acidic beverages, It will add too much stomach acid. and the risk of causing flatulence So if you want to drink tea or coffee. It is recommended to pass after eating food about 1 hour before.

4. Do not drink soft drinks.
Drinking soft drinks often causes flatulence easily, especially if you drink it after you finish. It will increase the negative effects on the body. Because after eating food, the digestive system will work hard. If increasing gas by drinking soft drinks It will make the digestive system messy. Which risks causing bloating, indigestion, and acid reflux disease easily as well

5. Don’t sit and slouch.
Although slouching is not an absolute taboo. But avoiding sitting slouching after. It will help prevent the internal organs from being crowd and hindering digestion. Therefore, it is recommend that girls try to sit up straight Not always slouching is good for personality as well.

Any girl who still has behavior that matches the 5 taboos mentioned above. It is recommend that you should avoid or stop doing it. After eating a full meal to very healthy. However, do not forget to focus on taking good care of your health. By starting from the practice after a full meal first.