Nagelsmann delighted with the Tigers’ ability to shoot in any form.

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Bayern Munich head coach Julian Nagelsmann hailed the performance of his players who scored in all forms in their 7-1 win over Salzburg football team.

Bayern Munich qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League after beating Salzburg 7-1 in the round of 16 second leg on Tuesday. resulting in a total of two games, winning 8-2 in a row 

Nagelsmann said after the game: “Of course it was a great game. Technically it’s the best from us. We took many chances by playing beautiful football that didn’t lead to goals. But nonetheless, he scored seven goals.”

“We defended aggressively from the start. We can score goals from any form, from set-pieces. Switching from defensive to attacking UFABET and from the rhythm of open play”

The young manager also praised Kingsley Coman in the match, saying: “He’s had a performance with great energy, salute. King opened the attack for us.” 

Nagelsmann, though, did try to lighten up what seemed to be some frustration by taking a jab at Hamann in a playful way.

“Maybe (Hamann) used to see himself as a very offensive eight and didn’t feel like defending,” Nagelsmann said. “Didi also understands what I’m saying. I find it disrespectful towards players like Gnabry or Coman. The whole world of journalists claim that they can’t defend. These are two world-class players, so defending is part of it, as they have shown.”