Hannibal Magebri hopes that this ghost tour will not be overlooked again.

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Manchester United Hannibal Magebri hopes his performance in the Tunisia national team in the African Cup of Nations will catch the eye of manager Ralph RangNick. Some more or less. Because when he completes his mission for the Fatherland, he hopes to have the opportunity to play regularly at Old Trafford.

Hannibal Magebri has not played at the senior level of the ‘ Red Devils ‘ this season. But UFABET with the Tunisian national team, the big set is back to join the flag for the continental championship. Touched the game as a reserve for 2 matches, group stage, this time it reached the quarterfinals.  

For this reason, the young playmaker hopes that the 63 – year-old boss will let his subordinates check his form. in case it catches your eye enough to enter a large set of names  

” When I report back to Manchester United after the African Cup of Nations, I’ll wait and see if anything changes, ” he told Le Parisien. 

“ And I can have the opportunity to get a place in the first team under any circumstances. I will train hard as I believe. ” 

“ It is also an opportunity to inspire many young players. And I hope to influence them more or less to lead them on the right path. ” 

“ There are still many young players of various nationalities who can change their nationality to serve their ancestral country – return to their roots. It is very important for African nations. ” 

Another Manchester United player who is still hesitant about the national team to serve is right-back Aaron Wan – Bissaka, because he weighed in between DR Congo , who would definitely agree. But the other way is the England national team.