RedKnapp points out Liverpool winning the Premier League title

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Jamie Redknapp has been hailed by the old team for their outstanding performance. Ready to point out that winning the Premier League title this year is definitely fun. RedKnapp points out Liverpool winning the Premier League title.

         The four favorites who are expected to be the title contenders this season have started very close. With Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United starting their first four games with 10 points only while Manchester City has 9 points.

         Redknapp is confident that this year Liverpool will return to challenge for the championship again after the team is fully ready. By pointing out that it will definitely be a fun race for the championship when looking at the opportunities of each team.

RedKnapp points out Liverpool winning the Premier League title

         “They can win the league, make no mistake. Last year they didn’t have a chance because they played with one arm in the defence. The team lost the defender in the whole defensive game and lost confidence in the attack line,” said Redknapp.

         “Everything is wrong. It all happened and they didn’t have a chance, but this year with the attacking line they have. And the best defender, Virgil van Dijk – it gives them every chance to win the league.

         “I think if you look at all four teams (Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City), they are leaders. People say Manchester United can’t win the league. with the money they spent Of course they can. You have seen the impact of Ronaldo.”

         “Chelsea looked great, Lukaku started well, of course Man City were there. I think they should have a striker, but Liverpool are ready to step up there.” According to ufabet