Tuchel threatens Romelu Lukaku can’t penetrate Leeds.

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Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has thrusted a hard streak to beat Arsenal’s Romelu Lukaku in Wednesday’s visit to Leeds. The top-flight defender in the league. If there is no intelligence to pass the ball to the bottom of the net. Prepare to take on the role of a backup patient for a long time until the 2022-23 season.

‘ Yung Thong ‘ this season has lost 74 goals from 35 matches. UFABET The second most in the league. Second only to U.S. Norwich (75 ). That has led Tuchel to believe it’s a good opportunity for Rom to build on his confidence after lapping 2-2 at Wolves at the weekend .  

but if you put your hopes in The role next season will have to start from the bench waiting to be replaced with Kai Havertz or Timo Werner only.  

Tuchel told ‘ Chelsea TV ‘

“ When a striker scores two goals that put you in the lead and away. Normally there’s no way you wouldn’t put him on the pitch in the next game. ” 

“ Of course, I would like to give him more praise for his recent performance. But it was not the right time because of the disappointment of the result. Ultimately, it is a team effort and a team sport. ” 

“ Romelu has been scoring goals all his life. it’s in the blood Always emphasized to the person to believe in their own body. trust the brain and trust in instinct because he knows how to pass the ball into the bottom of the net. ” 

“ He will never lose his ability to score goals. You just have to find the spark. And hopefully after scoring two goals , that guy can maintain this approach. ”

Two goals against Wolves are nets in a league game again since 2022 , while the 29 -year -old’s last away game in the league was at Phong Young at Villa Park Boxing Day .