Harry Kane is back on fire of the appointment of Antonio Conte

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Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane is back on fire following news of the appointment of Antonio Conte as their new head coach. As for the target for reinforcement in January 2022. It would be Dusan Vlajovic of Fiorentina, but must sell the same one to raise funds first.

The report by the ‘  ufabet  ‘ after the first rehearsal dinner at 15:00 pm . ( Local ) of the New Boss age of 52 years yesterday. The atmosphere at the training center in Enfield very busy.  

The Italian, who has been contracted for 18 months plus 12 months in options, is valued at £ 20 million , will receive a training permit on Wednesday in preparation for the Europa Conference League clash. 

Harry Kane is back on fire following news of the appointment of Antonio Conte

The feedback from pillar players like Kane feels great when the team is going in a positive direction. Excited for the 28- year- old Spear to join a real top-grade coach.  

As for the team’s goal in the winter market, it is the forward position as before , Vlajovic is the first choice, but due to budget constraints, the army must sell players that Conte considers outside the plan first.  

Antonio, along with six other staff members. He is set to come in to salvage Spurs’ performance. As he has chosen to stay overnight at the training center since Monday night to clear administrative matters. The implement health / safety measures . Covid- 19 and study football team information as much as possible before really stumbling on Wednesday’s meal.