Josep Guardiola send concern to Sergio Aguero

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, along with right-back Kyle Walker used to announce readiness before the Champions League game against Club Brugge (3 Nov) Sending concern to Sergio Aguero, a former team member who currently plays for Barcelona, ​​whose health soon returned to normal after suffering a heart condition.

‘  Sergio Aguero  ‘ felt as angina, dyspnea, were removed from the minute 41 of the game is always la base 1-1 on the Liga at the weekend past was ‘ Barca ‘ send-old striker , 34 -year-old to the hospital. to test thoroughly with a CT machine Scans have confirmed an irregular heartbeat and will require about three months of recovery and are in the process of determining whether he is safe enough to continue playing football.

This is shocking news of the Rieti Etihad Stadium because Aguero is the record holder for the most cumulative time shot so Pepsi as blocked, so I sent it to my old cronies.  

“ It’s heartbreaking news for you and your family. All of our staff. The club president , sent our best wishes to him. please recover Matter of life and health is the most important thing of all, ” the coach his 50 -year-old said.  

“ As far as I know, it is now well taken care of, from now on Sergio has to take care of himself. We wish him a safe recovery and a return to action. If he could – otherwise enjoy life because you’ve done your best. But must take care of the body well Take care of your safety for the rest of your life. ” 

Josep Guardiola send concern to Sergio Aguero

The Walker is shocked, because a year ago, ‘ Kun ‘ is a former team mate who is facing two heart conditions. Before it is Christian Eriksen fellow former Spurs.  

If you go back nine years ago. He faced the Far Breeze Mbabane players Bolton cardiac arrest at the stadium in the FA Cup.  

” I played with Christian and he had a heart attack at Euro 2020 that worried us about him and his family. “

“When it comes to Sergio ‘s case , I hope he’s okay. Private chats with Eric Jensen at 2-3 weeks. Before your phone via text. We are all fit athletes. We train hard almost every day. And it seems that his welfare is more important than football at this time. ” 

“ Seeing this happened to someone who used to share a dressing room. It made me realize that we had to spend time with our loved ones. for as long as possible. ”

Treatment of Eric Jensen is fitted with pacemakers result can not play for Inter Milan. Including the League of Italy as part Aguero also have to wait for further clarity.